Value Driven Product-Service-System Development: From Research to Practice and Vice Versa – Dr. Alessandro Bertoni

Value Driven Product-Service-System Development: From Research to Practice and Vice Versa – Dr. Alessandro Bertoni

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Thursday, 8 November 2018 12:30 Noon Greenwich Time (GMT)

The Special Interest Group (SIG) in Design Practice is pleased to present this presentation on the research of design practice. This is part of a recurring webinar series on Design Practice of alternating researcher and practitioner presentations.

Design Practice SIG

Our group intends to bring both practitioners and researchers together around tough design challenges (offered as engaging stories by practitioners), and research of design practice (offered as academic knowledge by researchers).

Guest Speaker

Alessandro Bertoni, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden). Alessandro holds a PhD in Product Innovation and focuses his research on the development of decision support methods for the early stages of engineering design and systems engineering projects. His special interest lies in the area of Value Driven Design and Product Service Systems Development which he has researched through an extended collaboration with industrial companies predominantly in the field of aerospace and construction equipment product development. Most recently Alessandro’s interest expanded toward exploring the integration of data science in early engineering design decision models, to enable “data-driven” driven decision support to complement experience-driven judgments.

Alessandro is a member of the Design Society and of the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

This Talk

Value Driven Product-Service System Development: From Research to Practice and Vice Versa

In recent times a service-dominant logic is permeating the design of complex systems. However, in spite of their appeal, initiatives such as Product Service Systems have not become mainstream, and methods are lacking to support this transition. Value Driven Design models are increasingly used to frontload conceptual design activities by exploring the multidisciplinary implications of early design decisions, with the intent to reduce cost and rework associated with sub-optimal decisions from a system perspective. Although such models are often developed “ad-hoc” for specific industrial context, making hard for industrial practitioners to apply them in a different environment. This talk describes the features and the evolution of Value-Driven Design models as long as their objectives change along the development process. The presentation builds on a number of case studies run in large product development projects and describes how the industry-driven need to increase the model reliability is currently addressed by investigating the use of data mining and machine learning to deal with the low fidelity of early design models.

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