The gondola lift

The gondola lift

Improving transportation for students

Programme: Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Economy, class of 2015,

Course: MT2564 Design Thinking

Corporate partner:

Challenge: Try to improve the commuting for students in Karlskrona to BTH

Solution:Our solition was a gondola lift that would have a route from Scandic to BTH via Långö. There will be a station at Långa as well to pick up travelers and there will also be a complimentary app that gives the right information to plan your trip and be able to buy ticket.

Impact: Due to the high capacity of the lift the amount of buses that goes by the same route as the lift can be reduced. The lift also provides a high flexibility for the students, as it runs during the whole day and don´t have a specific depature time. The solution is very expensive, so it need a big investment from several partners to be implemented.

Prototypes: We did model i CAD that were 3D-printed for the reason to have a physical product. This was used to show students how it will work together with a map that shows the route. We also put together some pictures and tried to mediate the feeling that the gondola lift provides.

Quotes from sponsor/partner:

Project team:

  • Liban Mohamed, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2015,
  • Timmy Sahlberg, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2015,
  • Badder Abdullahi, MSC in Industrial Economy, class of 2015.