Surface-conformed approach for mechanical property analysis using ultrasonic welding of dissimilar metals

Abstract In this paper, dissimilar aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu) metals were joined together using ultrasonic metal welding (USMW), a solid-state welding technology. From the perspective of increasing the base metal welding contact area, the Cu/Al mating surface was innovatively prepared and ultrasonically welded. A comprehensive analysis was carried out on the forming quality, welding […]

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Influence of Patterns on Mechanical Properties of Ultrasonically Welded Joints in Copper Substrate and Wire

Abstract Ultrasonic wire welding is considered a method of choice for creating reliable interconnects in electronics industry including aerospace, batteries and electric vehicles. In this paper, ultrasonic welding tests between EVR252 copper wire and substrate are carried out. Novel pattern morphologies are machined on substrates to explore its influence on mechanical properties of welded joint. […]

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