New book on Data-Driven Decision Making for Product Service Systems.

New book on Data-Driven Decision Making for Product Service Systems.

Professor Marco Bertoni together with co-editors Giuditta Pezzotta, Roberto Sala, Xavier Boucher and Fabiana Pirola are releasing a book on Data-Driven Decision Making for Product Service Systems. It can be preordered at

Also available as e-book:

Marco here gives his view on the book.

Why is this book needed?

We observe in our day-to-day activity how manufacturing companies are progressively shifting from selling products to offering services. In the process they need to make smart, data-driven decisions. The book collects the latest research insights , tools and examples to help manufacturers in navigating this change effectively, improving customer relationships and ensuring steady cash flows

Who is this book for?

“It’s for both researchers and industry professionals. When we designed the book we aimed at bridging  the gap between theory and practice, benefiting everyone involved in the shift to servitized business models. Researchers will find valuable theories and methods to advance their work, delving into theoretical frameworks, while while industry professionals will get practical tools and insights for better decision-making in their day-to-day operations.”

About the book

This book is a compilation of theoretical and practical contributions aimed at facilitating the servitization of manufacturing companies, specifically focusing on data-driven decision-making within the context of Product-Service Systems (PSS). Providing a comprehensive overview, it discusses the latest breakthroughs in operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making for PSS, leveraging data-driven processes, methodologies, and tools. Therefore, the book significantly contributes to strengthening the knowledge on the use of data-driven decision-making methods and tools all the phases of the PSS lifecycle. From extended warranties and leasing to pay-per-use and other innovative configurations, manufacturing companies are increasingly adopting servitized business models and PSS to create additional value for their customers and users and create robust relationships with them, ensuring more reliable cash flows. In this setting, effective information management and the utilization of aggregated operational data have become essential for guiding strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. This book not only consolidates theoretical frameworks but also offers practical insights into data-driven decision-making in PSS, providing deep knowledge on how complex decisions can be taken along the various phases of the PSS lifecycle using data-driven methods and tools. Key areas of focus include:

  1. In the Beginning of Life, introducing new services tailored to customer needs, disclosing new business opportunities in terms of revenues, and extending the PSS Middle of Life.
  2. Designing or re-designing assets and/or services, thereby influencing the PSS Beginning of Life.
  3. Enhancing daily decisions related to asset management to improve the PSS Middle of Life.
  4. Optimizing daily decisions related to service delivery and management, aimed at enhancing the PSS Middle of Life.
  5. Facilitating informed decisions on recycling, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and revamping, impacting the PSS End of Life.

This book will be of interest to researchers and managers in industry as it offers insights that bridge the gap between theory and practical application in the evolving landscape of PSS.

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