Data-driven value assessment of packaging solutions

ABSTRACT Research in Product Service Systems design increasingly focuses on how to develop ‘capabilities’ for assessing the value of solutions already in  a design project fuzzy front end. A datadriven approach shall then guide engineers in the process of identifying what to develop, and not merely to verify if a solution meets (or not) performance requirements. This process […]

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Model-driven value assessment: a case from the food packaging industry

ABSTRACT Consumer perception of food packaging solutions is driven by early design decisions on paperboard configuration and manufacturing technologies. Simulation Driven Design is common to frontload design activities, but is confined to the engineering field and fails to capture higher-level value aspects. This paper presents an assessment framework connecting customer value dimensions with simulations conducted […]

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Anisotropic Elastic-Viscoplastic Properties at Finite Strains of Injection-Moulded Low-Density Polyethylene

ABSTRACT Injection-moulding is one of the most common manufacturing processes used for polymers. In many applications, the mechanical properties of the product is of great importance. Injection-moulding of thin-walled polymer products tends to leave the polymer structure in a state where the mechanical properties are anisotropic, due to alignment of polymer chains along the melt […]

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