Data-driven value assessment of packaging solutions

ABSTRACT Research in Product Service Systems design increasingly focuses on how to develop ‘capabilities’ for assessing the value of solutions already in  a design project fuzzy front end. A datadriven approach shall then guide engineers in the process of identifying what to develop, and not merely to verify if a solution meets (or not) performance requirements. This process […]

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Modeling resale value of road compaction equipment: a data mining approach

ABSTRACT Resale value is an important aspect to be addressed when companies aim to shift from one-sale models to Product Service Systems (PSS). In the initial stages of the PSS design process, it is beneficial to predict how the mechanical features of the PSS hardware will impact resale value, so to orient business strategy decisions accordingly. The objective […]

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Industry 4.0, Nakajima Test, Elderly healthcare: Cross-disciplinary projects in the yearly Project Course for Exchange Students.

Two months to apply in “real life” what has been learned during the years of university education, starting from a plan to the delivery of a final solution. This was the task the international students participating in the MT1490 yearly project course. Three teams of students, have on January 10th presented the results of multidisciplinary […]

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