PDRL at MOSIM’18: Master thesis work candidate to Young Research Award

PDRL at MOSIM’18: Master thesis work candidate to Young Research Award

How do we deal with the visualization of complex data to improve the conceptual design stage? This was the topic of the paper presented by Xin Yi, former MSPI student at BTH, and now a PhD student at University of Toulouse (INSA) at the 12thInternational Conference on Modeling, Optimization and Simulation that took place in Toulouse on June 27-29, 2018. The paper was largely driven by the work that Xin Li conducted during her master thesis work at Product Development Research Lab, where she analyzed, benchmarked and test different visualization techniques for engineers. The research article has been-produced by Xin Yi, Claude Baron and Philippe Estaban from the University of Toulouse (CNRS-INSA), Rob Vingerhoeds from the “Institut Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace” (Toulouse), and Alessandro Bertoni from BTH and PDRL.

Xin Yi’s work was selected as one of the seven candidates for the Young Research Award and therefore assigned to a special presentation session for the high-quality contribution. “I eventually did not get the Young Research Award” says Xin Yi “but it was a good experience and I am happy and satisfied with my presentation”.

PDRL wishes Xin Yi a fruitful research future at the University of Toulouse looking forward to more collaboration between the two institutions.


The research paper is available to read here:



Xin Li at MOSIM´18
Xin Yi at MOSIM´18


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