LittleBits Star Wars Bitwars event

LittleBits Star Wars Bitwars event

A saturday morning, young apprentices gathered at the BTH Karlskrona Makerspace for a day of deep dive into Star Wars themed LittleBits play! Fueled by theme music, and 1st generation fans (coaches, parents etc.) they immediately started the ideation; ligthsabre, movie scene, droid… Hmm. Tough choices! Having the chance to play around with Sphero BB8, and the full set of “maker items” Littlebits, Lego Mindstorms, Cubelets, paper, cardboard, silver tape, silver tape, and…. silver tape, the kids rapidly started creating. A tweaked star destroyer that became an ultimate laser beam ship fueled by bits, and with Lord Vader at the top. A moving droid creation powered by bits. A lightsabre with a swoosh etc. Only imagination put the limit. Showing off the creations in front of the camera was great, and after 5 hours when we called it a day, everyone let us know how they loved the event, and they want more of it, in schools, and in maker events.

Some of the kids choose to build LittleBits creations aimed at the global BitWars competition. Here are their movies.


Imperial Destroyer with Lasers!


Image archive from the event


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