Monthly Archives: March 2018

Experimental and numerical assessment of the work of fracture in injection-moulded low-density polyethylene

ABSTRACT The fracture mechanics properties of injection-moulded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets were investigated both experimentally and numerically. The total work of fracture was determined experimentally, by means of fracture mechanics testing of sheets of injection-moulded LDPE with side cracks of different lengths. A multi-specimen method, proposed by Kim and Joe (1987), was employed. The total […]

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Creating High-performing Innovation Teams

ABSTRACT This research suggests a conceptual process of how to create high-performing innovation teams to meet the market’s need of faster ways of conducting innovation work. The CIT-process (Creating high-performing Innovation Teams) is a five-step-process systematically developed to meet organizational-, team-, and individual perspectives. On a holistic level, this research contributes to prior research by […]

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