10th CIRP IPS² 2018 in Linköping

10th CIRP IPS² 2018 in Linköping

Linköping University

CIRP IPS2 2018 will provide a unique arena to discuss opportunities, challenges, and solutions related to IPS2and REES. The discussion will be based on the latest findings from industry and cutting-edge research results from academia. In addition, this will be an excellent networking opportunity with delegates coming globally from both industry and academia. Especially for researchers, the sessions with scientific papers will focus on discussion of commonly raised issues within a given topic, because we believe discussion is what you want from attending an academic conference. The discussion will be moderated by leading researchers in the area. In addition, workshops with industry practitioners for industry-centred topics will be an invaluable opportunity to learn from companies, mainly based in Sweden, working on IPS2 and REES. Especially for delegates from industry, the entire conference will give an excellent opportunity to obtain new thinking, ideas, methods and contacts for your business. IPS2 and REES are promising concepts to enhance the economic and environmental performance of your business.

BTH will participate with one paper:

  • Rondini, A., J. Matschewsky. G. Pezzotta, M. Bertoni: A simplified approach towards customer and provider value in PSS for small and medium-sized enterprises 

Marco Bertoni will also be moderator of the PSS Design session.

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