IDÉUM – Beyond brainstorming!

IDÉUM was created during Stanford ME310 & BTH PSS Extreme Innovation courses with a joint team of mechanical engineering students with corporate sponsors. The prompt; How might we build confidence and make a user feel like an innovative genius, with a tool that actually helps develop creative skills? The context? In the eyes of our […]

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SåNätt – Collaboration as Enabler for Light Weight Vehicles | 2011-2013

Objectives: SÅNÄTT is a collaborative project driven by the common goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry through lightweight innovation. Academics, automotive suppliers and one vehicle manufacturer collaborated in the research and development of design concepts aimed to cost effectively reduce the weight of a classic family saloon by 20-40%. Increase supply chain […]

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Case: Solar panel coating project

The student project is about a different set of coating for photovoltaic solar panels. The coating claim to have a number of properties, one of them is to increase the efficiency output of the solar panel.

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