Med tech leg rest – Legpal

This project was about coming with a product-service system idea in collaboration with a partner company. This group worked with an entrepreneurial nurse who has developed a new device to make her job easier! The Project Team suggested several improvements and then made a physical prototype to show how the improved leg-rest could work. The […]

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IDÉUM – Beyond brainstorming!

IDÉUM was created during Stanford ME310 & BTH PSS Extreme Innovation courses with a joint team of mechanical engineering students with corporate sponsors. The prompt; How might we build confidence and make a user feel like an innovative genius, with a tool that actually helps develop creative skills? The context? In the eyes of our […]

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Case: Solar panel coating project

The student project is about a different set of coating for photovoltaic solar panels. The coating claim to have a number of properties, one of them is to increase the efficiency output of the solar panel.

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