The Karlskrona Makerspace is a research and education environment initiated and hosted by BTH and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Karlskrona Makerspace is creating a platform to embrace and foster creativity among different disciplines and backgrounds. It epitomizes an open learning environment where people can co-learn and co-create innovative and emergent solutions to some of today’s problems by the use of maker culture.


In the making...

There is only make!

We believe that by providing a space for students, businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to partake in the design phases of inspiration-ideation-implementation we can help them realise their ideas and prototype products and services which could form the basis of new ventures and employment. We are passionate about educating people to find solutions for themselves instead of being only consumers. Our platform not only supports the community to focused more on the needs they are trying to satisfy, but also fosters an environment which enables them to satisfy those needs and co-create solutions which bring value to both themselves and their community at large.

The space

The space is situated in H-building (outside the library) and consists of a space with maker tools.


Formlabs Form 2


Ultimaker 3 Extended (and also Ultimaker 3) 


Ultimaker 2 Extended

Ultimaker 2 Extended (and also Ultimaker 2)


Dimension SST 1200ES

Stratasys Dimension SST 1200ES

Fuel 3D portable scanner

Fuel3D portable scanner

BoXZY 3-in-one printer, cnc milling, laser cutting