Stanford ME310 Global Design Innovation

ME310 Global New Product Design Innovation is a course where a global network of designers, engineers and innovators are challenging complex real world problems.

BTH Product Development Research Lab (students on Mechanical Engineering programmes) are partners with Stanford University, Design Division and, in running ME310 Global.

Each academic year about 100 masters-level students participate in ME310 including 8-10 of top global engineering and design universities from around the world, hence the Global.

ME310 Partners 2015/16

I’ve been collaborating with Stanford and the Design Division and for several years going back to 90’ies and since moving to BTH we’ve been deepening the collaboration between BTH Mechanical Engineering and Stanford Mechanical Engineering to be able to offer continuous project collaboration in global innovation projects together with industry“, says Professor Tobias Larsson of Mechanical Engineering / Product Development Research Lab. He continues; “We are now continuously scouting for projects with industry connections for upcoming ME310 projects, and also interested students to participate. The projects are tough and demanding, but extremely rewarding.

If you are interested in joining ME310 as a student, do contact Prof Tobias Larsson ( or Christian Johansson,

Usually, 4-8 students are given this chance every academic year.

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