Kids enjoying the math of digital modelling and prototyping

The Product Development Research Lab provided a workshop for kids age 10-13 as a part of the math day for kids "Möjligheternas dag"  to enable exploration of a range of topics including: 3D modelling, additive manufacturing (3D printing), 3D scanning, Virtual Interfaces and Augmented Reality.


Kids playing with virtual interfaces to computers (Leap Motion), augmented reality (HoloLens)...

The day kicked off with a brief presentation conducted by Janne Månsson on the future of digital model simulation and manufacturing capabilities, and then Ryan Ruvald and Janne guided the kids through the experience of digital modeling, all based on perceiving math. The idea was to show how easy it is to start playing with these tools and enable them to become makers and join the community at large. 
In the press:
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