Product Development Academy formed

Product Development Academy formed

October 17, 2016, was a historical day as the Product Development Academy (PDA) in Sweden was officially established. During the meeting at Linköping university the founding team are: professors Fredrik Elgh (JU), Johan Ölvander (LiU), Ola Isaksson (Chalmers), Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (LTU), Tobias Larsson (BTH), Sofia Ritzén (KTH), Glenn Johansson (MDH), and (missing in the picture) Björn Fagerström (ABB/MDH).

The Product Development Academy has an agenda of securing engineering product development capacity in Sweden and previously added the joint proposal “Competitive innovation through research in product development in the manufacturing industry” to the strategy process of  The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, a move that had an impact as product development now is present in the new research strategy.



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