Monthly Archives: December 2017

Simulation of thin aluminium-foil in the packaging industry

ABSTRACT This work present an approach of how to account for the anisotropic mechanical material behaviour in the simulation models of the thin aluminium foil layer (≈10 μm) used in the Packaging Industry. Furthermore, the experimental results from uniaxial tensile tests are parameterised into an analytical expression and the slope of the hardening subsequently extended […]

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Elastic Press and Die Deformations in Sheet Metal Forming Simulations

ABSTRACT Never before has the car industry been as challenging, interesting, and demanding as it is today. New and advanced techniques are being continuously introduced, which has led to increasing competition in an almost ever-expanding car market. As the pace and complexity heightens in the car market, manufacturing processes must advance at an equal speed. […]

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Congrats Andreas Larsson, certified Innovation Leader!

Andreas Larsson has recently been certified as Innovation Leader within RISE. Here follows some words from him on the topic.  You are now certified (ISO) Innovation Leader. Congratulations! What is it? Thank you! It is a certificate approved by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, following ISO/IEC 17024, a standard for personnel certification. I was in […]

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