Industry 4.0, Nakajima Test, Elderly healthcare: Cross-disciplinary projects in the yearly Project Course for Exchange Students.

Two months to apply in “real life” what has been learned during the years of university education, starting from a plan to the delivery of a final solution. This was the task the international students participating in the MT1490 yearly project course. Three teams of students, have on January 10th presented the results of multidisciplinary […]

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PDRL at the Workshop on Systems Engineering Education in the Nordic Countries

How do we educate our students to deal with the increasingly complex engineering challenges that they will meet in the future? As globalization and systems complexity are increasing, so need the quality of engineering education to continuously increase, to come closer and closer to the evolving industrial needs. The Workshop on Systems Engineering Education in […]

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Let the machines talk! Towards data-driven product development

Leonardo da Vinci is remembered in history as a “universal genius”, he was an artist, a scientist, a mathematician and an engineer. He generated a huge amount of  ideas and sketches of  revolutionary concepts in his days. Although, almost none of these became reality. Why was it like that? What is the reason that brilliant ideas […]

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DESIGN 2016_Excellence in design

PDRL at 14th International DESIGN Conference

From May 16th to May 19th Alessandro Bertoni has represented PDRL at the 14th International DESIGN conference in Cavtat, Croatia. More than 300 participants from more than 30 countries have attended this biannual event gathering researchers and industrial practitioners worldwide to reach and share the current state-of-the-art of design research and practices. PDRL contribution consisted […]

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A virtual turbine module demonstrator for aircraft engines

Aircraft engines are complex systems built by modules and components whose perfect coordination grants the safety and the performances of any aircraft. Bringing innovation in such a system is a complex and critical task that needs to be enabled by the right methods and technologies. The capability of virtually testing new ideas instead of recurring […]

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Guest Lecture on Atlas Copco systems engineering practices by Magnus Fast

On May 12 the students of the course on Systems Engineering have had the possibility to attend to the guest lecture hold by Magnus Fast, product responsible for asphalt rollers at Atlas Copco Karlskrona. Magnus gave a really interesting speech about design and development practices, needs and trade off analyses faced during the everyday work […]

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